Participants will have the opportunity to learn from CKGSB’s world-class faculty and benefit from the rich experience of industry practioners. The programme provides the foundations for participants to immerse themselves in what it truly takes to operate a successful start-up in China. Through the use of business case studies, group discussions and company visits, participants will learn from and network with like-minded leaders and entrepreneurs from both China and Europe.


Some highlights of the 3rd program are as follows:


    1 Week-long program

    2 China accelerators visits

    3 Cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen

    4 Investment pitching opportunities to investors and potential partners

    5 Company visits including  Fosun,, Baidu, Tencent Mobike, 3nod etc



The programme will help you to:


   Acquire the ultimate China insight and knowledge


  •    Understand your China market

  •    Identify unique opportunities for your business

  •    Learn how to adapt and thrive above competition, wherever it may arise

   Networking and partnering with China’s venture ecosystem leaders


  •    Develop commercial partners in China

  •    Build and strengthen relations with other forward thinking Western entrepreneurs and venture professionals


   Funding opportunities


  •    1-to-1 contact with world-renowned investors

  •    Opportunity to make deals in the time frame of the programme

  •    Raise substantial funds at advantageous valuation