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​"A new way to become a unicorn"

Program Director's message 

 “As the only major economy to grow during the pandemic in 2020, China’s economic disruption offers an important and exciting playground for start-ups to become unicorns. Nearly 1 billion active Internet Chinese users love embracing innovative technologies, products and services. This brings tremendous opportunities
for international start-ups to participate in the fast-moving Chinese start-up ecosystem.

China and the US account for 80% of the unicorns in the world. China is home to some of the largest unicorns in the world, such as Alipay, ByteDance(TikTok), Didi Chuxing, Lufax Holding, etc., many of which are founded by our CKGSB alumni. The entire Europe’s economy is comparable with China and the US, but there aren’t as many unicorns in Europe because the markets are more fragmented in Europe and other countries. Chinese investors and consumers desire for western disruptive technologies, products and services is increasing. However, there isn’t an effective channel to bridge Chinese investors and overseas start-ups. The lack of understanding of Chinese culture, consumers and business system often hinder entrepreneurs from entering China and confuse them on how to successfully integrate their business into China.

China Start provides a new way for start-ups to become unicorns. The program offers well-rounded training for ambitious entrepreneurs who aspire to understand the Chinese market, pitch for investment to scale their business, and work with Chinese partners.

China Start provides an elite standard of China venture ecosystem knowledge that will help you better understand China and industry-specific knowledge that is essential for successful business expansion to China.

China Start’s advisors along with the alumni community will help develop entrepreneurs’ networks, navigate your business in China, and facilitate partnerships by identifying the most relevant potential partners. The China Start online program features investment pitching sessions with leading investment company partners, Chinese angels, VC and PE investors that can offer entrepreneurs the possibility to acquire a substantial investment. Setting up a business in China has never been so easy with China Start!”

Bo Ji
Founder of China Start,
Assistant Dean and Chief Representative for Europe, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

China Start Unicorn Camp is a 7 weeks online acceleration program for fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups with disruptive technologies and products/services to learn from China’s economic disruption, social innovation, and digital transformation. This program helps start-ups with great potential to gain access to one large market and more capital to develop into potential unicorns.

What is China Start?

This program is for ambitious entrepreneurs who desire to acquire China-specific knowledge, global network and investment to develop their businesses into unicorns. You would be a good fit for the China Start Unicorn Camp, if:

You run a fast-growing start-up with great potential.
You aspire to turn your start-up into a unicorn.
You created a disruptive technology/product/service to tackle global challenges. You need to have access to one large market and more capital.
You are a multinational company executive who would like to strengthen or expand your businesses into the Chinese market.
You are an investor interested in the opportunities in the global landscape.

Who Should Attend?

China Start program features investment pitching sessions with Chinese angels, VC and PE investors that can offer participants the possibility to acquire a substantial investment and company visit to network and partner with top-notch industry leaders in the Chinese venture ecosystem.

How Can You Benefit?


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25 May 2022

When is China Start?

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