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The Sixth China Start Cohort

" This is my first time in China. I am super impressed of the country and the atmosphere. I really feel that myself, my company, our technology have the right stance here. And also the team is great. I am really thrilled revolution of the trip from the trajectory. I am not into social media thing. But the contacts I have on Wechat make me feel that I could go further to learn more and probably find business opportunities. My criteria of quality is 5 plus."


Jan Grimbrandt​


Founder&CEO​,Boson Energy



"We are looking for partnerships for both China and Europe and investment as well. So far, we have some people interested in us, someone who has only offline shops interested in seeing how it works, and also investors who want to know more. I think this is a very good way for businesses like ours to get to know about Chinese. It will be very helpful and worthwhile to join this program."

"China is an amazing place. This is not what I have expected to do, that is really interesting. Chinese culture is quite different, and people will not tell you what they think straightforward. Therefore, many workshops and interesting discussion in China Start help a lot, like how to work out and how to say."


Alastair Ian Armstrong


CTO, CooCooShop



Hans Constandt

CEO &  cofounder, Ontoforce



"Most of the parts are very good. It has very good lectures, very good presentations. We have been introduced to a lot of investors. Also, we had opportunities to present ourselves. We got quite a few investors contacts, and we will follow up when we came back in Europe.It’s a good experience. People and companies are seeking for opportunities in a more open way than in Europe. "


Thomas Turk

          Head of Commercial Operations, Boson Energy



"We believe there is great potential in China for our business, helps other businesses to do really well with social media. There are so many businesses which want to make good usage of social media in China. We believe there is a really big opportunity for This is also why we participated in China Start.  Partners can give their insights into China market and help us to find out how can we succeed in China. "


Andrew Doe


Investor&Chairman, Proofer



" Everyone who hasn’t participated in the China Start Program should relate the opportunity to do it. Such a fascinating company and the team behind China Start are so great and so helpful. China is such a fantastic country, and I have never imagined how fast development is going here and how people are taking on new technologies so fast."  


David Gabor

           CEO, Starflow



“We've had several of the lectures in terms of the background but a very open and honest perspective on the challenges here and the reality of making a success of business here, so that's been being really helpful and good. I was looking for a way to promote our ideas and our potential opportunity to local investors here. So that we can share the risks and help us to properly resource the potential, and the program looks like it would be ideal just to help me do that.”


"I am very glad to attend this program because China Start helped me improve my business and promoted Vuime in China. It is a great opportunity. I am very excited about that. One of your applicants in Barcelona told me that if I missed the program, I should attend it. So I thought why not? Let’s do this. Let’s enjoy this experience. My biggest takeaway is that you should always be committed, communicative and motivated. If you move forward and keep it, you can definitely achieve your objectives."


" China Start is a unique opportunity for everyone who would like to know about Chinese market. More than 15 people ask for details of our business after pitch events, it is amazing.

In lectures, we have learnt some useful knowledge about how to do business in China. Before, I never knew China in details, but now I feel I am stepping into China market. This will become a very beginning of a long term relationship between us and CKGSB."


Robert Boyce

Director, Peacock 



Silvia Bardani





Andrea Guzzoni


Founder&CEO, Rentuu Ltd.



"All of the programmes are quite good. The first one when we had interactions with Fosun, they have very good investment group, which is very impressive as well as Shenzhen the forum they have created is really equipped with the knowledge in investors. "

Raja Chandra Viswanadh


Founder&CEO​, SimplyFI



"Speaking of takeaway, in a sense, we have expected this along as we obviously love pitches. We are very much sure we can do something bigger. There is a huge potential for us, like expanding and exploring the opportunities back in China."

Venkatesh Siruvuri


COO, SimplyFI



"The China Start Program, from my perspective, has come down to continuity and provides a continuity post this week. I am very much looking forward to working with China Start because I think it’s all about building relationship. Things don’t happen overnight, and therefore, we need you around to make the journey fruitful. "

Jordan Fantaay


Founder&CEO, Fantoo



"It's been enlightening; it's been challenging; it's been fascinating. Everybody knows that China is the next gigantic power in the world, the firstly the next leader in the world. But I come here and experience it firsthand, visiting the headquarters of this multinational company to realize the edge, the cutting edge. It's enlightening to be physically interacting with people."

Francesco Rouspo


CBO​, Saas Tech


0 Fran.jpg

" I think the China Start Program is an amazing program. There are many successful entrepreneurs coming from all around the world. For myself, I think the most important thing is my European classmates’ reaction to the Chinese markets when I talked with them. Their reaction is very new for me."

"It’s impressive to see what your business school is able to provide contacts to communicate with each other. It’s also impressive to see how big effort it is especially of Mr. Bo Ji to bring us the culture and the business organization in our understanding and the outcome hopefully we will see was the participation in the healthcare development in China."

Gunther Hofmann


CEO & Founder, Photo Dynamic Therapy LLC



Qi Yan


Director, Ebury



"With CKGSB, I was introduced to a whole new perspective of networking, pitching and entrepreneurship. The networking results and feedbacks were brilliant. That is something I didn’t get and take back when I visited China before. My biggest takeaway from this program is actually the resources and people I met, and knowledge and interest plus the passion we share. "

In this program, the pitch events are very important, and lots of investors asked key questions and were open to help. After pitch events, I got a lot of contacts in WeChat, and a lot of quality invitations to chat. Lectures were interesting as well, and speakers told us how to do business in China. The commercial situation in China is sophisticated, hence these lectures are useful.

Eric Guo

CEO & Founder, New Apex Ltd



Pieter Cornelis De Mik

CEO&Founder, CooCooShop




The Fifth China Start Cohort

"The program is design to put together start-up and companies with potentials partners and investors to create quickly first connection. In 5 days, 3 cities, I pitch my product over hundreds of key people, meet them and create relationship. Afterwards, I'm in relationship with investor and  institution who will help me to grow up in China.

if I have to say one thing, Don't hesitate!"

"The program is of extreme value to any company that is thinking to address the Chinese market or considering to open operations in China giving you a real perspective about the opportunities and challenges of China, and above all, gives you a hands-on approach to the Chinese culture and way of doing business. In the program, you have real contact with a big number of investors and have the opportunity to enhance and network with them. "

"I was lucky enough to attend the 2018 CKGSB China start program and had an amazing week full of opportunities, experiences and insights that I will never forget. We are lucky to have lectures from some of CKGSB's most respected faculty. My experience far exceeded my expectations, not only did I learn an incredible amount about do business in China, but I have made hundreds of valuable connections with my counterparts, investors, alumni."

Quang Kiet Stephane NGO

CEO, Skilbase



Carlos Tavares

          CEO, VEEDEEO



Peter Jackson



11-Peter Jackson.jpg

"My Experience with China Start was life-changing. I enjoyed every second of it. I learnt a great deal about myself as well as the Chinese way of life. The programme set up direct direct meetings with some of the highest profile investment companies in China, such as Fosun, Tencent, and Alibaba."

"As a young entrepreneur, this was hands down the most rewarding experience of my life. I had the unique experience of pitching my business to Chinese investors.The program ultimately enhanced my entrepreneurial capabilities."

"Attending China Start is dangerous. You might meet amazing people, get insightful feedback about your pitch from Bo Ji and succeed in business. It is dangerous because you might have been more energy and persistence in the way you move forward. I warned you."

Travis Ralph Donaldson

CEO, Perfect Score


2- Travis.jpg

Luke Di Stefano

          CEO, Deceptive Apparel


10- Luke1.jpg

Mateusz Chrobok

           CEO, Digital Fingerprints



In “China Start program, we learned a lot more new things. We did a lot of rework we worked with Bo and understand what is required and what is not required. Bo gave us fantastic lessons and let us know what the presentation should be. Bo gave us wonderful feedback that how your pitching should be, how your presentation should be. So it really helps run your business outward, because you get too much inside, and globalize your business. After the first presentation, we've been contacted by six to seven people.”

“In China Start program, we learned a lot more new things. We did a lot of rework we worked with Bo and understand what is required and what is not required. Bo gave us fantastic lessons and let us know what the presentation should be. Bo gave us wonderful feedback that how your pitching should be, how your presentation should be. So it really helps run your business outward, because you get too much inside, and globalize your business. After the first presentation, we've been contacted by six to seven people.”

"China Start was recommended to me by the China business council which is an organization in the UK and helps bring Chinese and UK business together, giving us focus on China, especially focus on the Chinese market. it is a good program, with a couple of lectures, pitching event, and I had met some investors potentially interested"

Ashwin Agrawal

Founder & Producer, NGCS

Beijing, India


Natasha Shetye

          Founder & BD Director, NGCS

Beijing, India


David Hampstead

           CEO, Samarkand



“China is a totally different country and not similar to any other country. But on the other hand, there are many things are similar to Russia, I love people as well as the culture. It was very interesting for me to know more from the speech of Bo Ji about Chinese people culture, some more insights about how you think, how you behave and how you do business and connect with people. The pitching is worth experiencing, which is interesting and useful.”

“For the program, I guess my favorite part is visiting Fosun and Tencent, which experience is really amazing. I really respect the lecture of XIANG Bing Dean. He opened my mind and is an amazing gentleman. Actually, for me, China, before this program was like a white box. After this program, I can understand that China is more complicated than before.  It is clear to me where opportunities here are. I got wiser to understand and how to explore opportunities. And also I guess connections, for best, take away from this program. I really recommend this program.”

"In this project, you would meet superb, high-quality people contacts that making decisions in China. That is my main reason objective. And of course, if I am lucky, I will meet my investors or maybe the best partners.It was lots of insights shared by professors and lectures. And I really felt that it brings daring to every participant. I am sure there will be more and more businessmen come in and join this program"

Elena Matveeva

VP, Just AI



IIya Rodin

          CEO, ANGARA



Ivan Solovyev

     Business Director ,Viriom

China, US


“First, the pitching was very amazing, actually, the feedback was amazing. For instance, it seems we worked over well because more than 13 investors added us on Wechat. China Start is actually I think incredible, and we were immediately kind of engaged with this program, which is very different from the program we ever have in Europe, for example, there is a kind of speed and efficiency that we saw in China Start.”

“First, the pitching was very amazing, actually, the feedback was amazing. For instance, it seems we worked over well because more than 13 investors added us on Wechat. China Start is actually I think incredible, and we were immediately kind of engaged with this program, which is very different from the program we ever have in Europe, for example, there is a kind of speed and efficiency that we saw in China Start.”

"This program has really helped me in understanding China very wellIt’s very well-organized program. The back-office team is brilliant. If you have to work with the Chinese entrepreneurs. I think it’s interesting and it’s credible to work with CKGSB to understand. Because they were they connect to the right people, they open doors of the country, the people and the culture."

Lorenzo Albrighi

Co-Founder, Lablaco




          Co-Founder, lablaco


13-ShihYun, Kuo.jpg

Madappa Vivek Puttichianda

           CEO, Mobident



“This program is completely awesome. If my expectation is from 8, this program gives me 11, 12, even 15. I am so happy, and so glad, and so proud to be part of this family now. I have met lots of potential investors and partners that we need to know more, and incredible guys here. In fact, three or four direct people interested investment in our partnership and services. And I personally talk to a bunch of guys who are very interested to do this program. ”

“I met Bo in July and We are here today because the opportunities that China gives us is huge. We have realized there is a way that works well when we want to work or enter into the Chinese market. . The education has been tremendous, the lectures have been good, and some of the lectures have actually been amazing to the point we have learned things we never have heard before.”

"I’ve learned how to deal the business with the Chinese. How to approach business with the Chinese and I’ve learn how friendly the Chinese are. And we’ve been excellent host. I would definitely recommend the China start program to anybody who wants to get into business, who wants to get into China"

Ricard Madurell

Managing Partner, Market AAD


8- Ricard.jpg

Richard Harries

          Joint Founder, Emerge Global



Graham Hayes


           Joint Director, Emerge Global




“ The China Start program has been really helpful in helping me to get a better understanding of the Chinese market. I now have a much clearer idea about what it would mean about bring my business to enter the Chinese market and I’ve made some great connections I think that would be helpful if we started to think about making that entry strategy”

"The course is great because it highlights the complexity of the China market and gives us more tools to address and enter the markets. We were excited to enter the markets and we know that we should be quite flexible and open-minded given the little extent we still know about it. "

Rob Deeming

CEO, Billycare



Alex Lang


           Co-Founder, Chefclub




“ The program is very structured, there are indecisive messages, a lot of energy, I learned a lot. I would say China got reopened in my eyes to a certain extent. I think the contacts, the people are interesting and I think that’s the biggest game is still in the future. By meeting people further we develop relationships and ideally businesses in China.  ”

Valery Krivenko

          Director, SKYF



“ We are Chef Club and we are building a global cooking brand from Paris based on the assumption that food has become much more than cooking. It’s become about sharing and entertaining and so far the assumption seems to be verified as for two years now chef Trevor has been the world fastest-growing brand on social platform. ”

“ I’m working on the Chinese market. I think the program is very useful for foreigners. It really helps them to understand the Chinese culture, Chinese traditions, and now the Chinese market, Chinese economics. ”

Xinyi Wu




Thomas Lang

          Co-Founder, Chefclub



"The program is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for any western company looking to do business or raise capital in China. More than half of alumni from my cohort have offers of investment or partnership, including my 13 year old daughter who not only found a manufacturer, distributor and marketing partner, but also 2 investors for over $1M USD!!"

"Companies are wrapped up, investors lined up, and opportunities delivered in a massive scale. In China Start program every entrepreneur has from 5 to 10 relevant conversations in every pitch. For 8 pitches, that is 40 to 80 relevant conversations in 5 days. Each and every one of those conversations is worth several millions of USD: investment, customer,

"Every day we got the chance to present and discuss with investors from many different sectors.I was amazed to see such a different approach in China: they are much more direct and heavier than in Europe."

Alan Smithson

CEO&Founder, MetaVRse


Jaume Portal Guarch

          CEO, Beabloo


Riccardo Conti


           Co-Founder, Ufity



The Fourth China Start Cohort

"The experience has advanced my company’s investment possibilities and provided me with a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about innovation and entrepreneurship in China and abroad, in multinationals and incubators, and from robotics to augmented reality. "

Enrique Marin


             CEO, Zen Fintech


Sergio Radovcic

Founder&CEO, GYFT Baby Inc.


"After a week of all hands on deck meetings, lectures and networking opportunities, every participant certainly feels like a more knowledgeable, better informed and vastly better prepared to take on the challenge."

"CKGSB’s China Start program should be a requirement for anyone entering the Chinese market. During the week, I was able to establish relationships with 5 or the largest companies in China. I wholeheartedly recommend China Start’s program as a first step in tackling the Chinese market."

Jon Cheney

  Founder&CEO, SEEK


"China Start has given me hope within the world, it has given me an unforgettable experience that has touched my heart and will never leave me until the day I die."

"Credit to Mr. Bo Ji and his team for their hard work and putting together such an amazing trip. Joining the China Start program has quickly accelerated our progress finding partners and investors in China. I highly recommend the China Start program to anyone interested in entering the China market or learning more about opportunities there."

"Since coming here I have a completely different perspective on China’s capabilities and what I need to do maximum the success of my business over the long term. I have now changed my entire business plan and I have already made plans to setup my business in Shenzhen within the next couple of months."

Dan Worden

Executive Vice President, MergeVR


Sahil Harriram

          Founder&CEO, Elite Robotics


Jesse Perez Casanova

             CEO, OMEGAH

South Africa

" CKGSB’s course opened not only my mind to The Most Exciting Market for this century but a huge number of doors too. The time was spent expanding not only my personal network across the globe with my fellow participants but opened up real conversations with genuine leads and potential Chinese partners."

"Talking about expectations, I had no idea what to expect from this explorative trip, but I must say the quality of the group and solutions pitched during the week was by far what impressed me the most."

" It’s been an outstanding experience attending these 05 days Immersion Program of China Start at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business."

Georffrey Allen

Founder&CEO, 3Ms Imagineering


Kevin Tayebaly

Co-Founder&COO, PARIS shopping


Cristiano Haubrich


Digital Ecosystem, Oracle


" I fervently look forward to joining the future programs MR BO JI and his team and to helping them organize  business events in Southeast Asia, Africa & South America."

" This 5-day China immersion program was a huge opportunity to better understand, at firsthand, how to do business in this magnificent country. I would strongly recommend to anyone that is seriously interested on entering the China market."

“We went to all sorts of different companies including: Tencent, Fosun,, Techcode and many more. They were all a learning experience and I met some wonderful people who are the best in the world,and I also got $1 million investment.”

Antonio T. Tan, Jr.

Marketing Director, I.P.E. Asia Co.

The Philippines

Carlos Vasquez

          Founder&CEO, VRIDGE


Abi Smithson

CEO, Love Sandal


"China Start puts you in front of so many investors from Beijing to Shenzhen and walks you into the boardrooms of some major Chinese players and coaches you through the follow ups and hones your pitch."

"I would like to sincerely express my gratitude and how impressed I am with the organization, the network, the enthusiasm and energy put into this programme."

“We went to all sorts of different companies including: Tencent, Fosun,, Techcode and many more. They were all a learning experience and I met some wonderful people who are the best in the world,and I also got $1 million investment.”

Franklin Lyons

     Founder&CEO, MergeVR


Markus Jennemyr

Founder&CEO, FanLeague


Zsolt Balog



"Joining the CKGSB’s China Start program proved to be a good investment decision. I definitely recommend this program to all companies looking to enter the Chinese market now, or in the future. The insights and network acquired will be useful when the moment to enter China comes."

"China Start fit more into one week then my 5 years at University. The most notable aspect however was the in depth coaching received and the amazing people running the program who offered a wealth of knowledge, experience and tireless work ethic in order to maximize my learning experience."

"The China Start program has been the most valuable, eye-opening, learning experience I have been a part of. Highly relevant, highly experiential, world class education that easily surpasses any business degree or diploma."

Cláudio Fernandes

             CEO, SMARKIO


Isaac Honor

         Co-Founder, Ausmask


Elias Honor


         Co-Founder, Ausmask


"The China Start Program is truly the most memorable experience that will change my business career for the better!"

"The most amazing thing about the program was the level of the companies present, as well as the personal value of their founders, that generated a perfect environment to exchange experiences and share business knowledge among entrepreneurs of different countries."

"An intense schedule of in-person meetings with high-ranking decision makers from some of China’s (and the World’s) most important companies, in-depth learning sessions from renowned professors and a global network of proven alumni’s that alone can be decisive to what you aim to achieve."

Jack Graham

Co-Founder, Ausmask


Francisco J. González


             COO, Zen Fintech


Daniel  Kjellsson


    Chief Marketing Manager, Sydney Stockholm


" I will forever cherish the information received from the lectures and China successful business people. The programme has taught me some of the do's and dont's of operating in China."

"For foreign startups, it is important to understand what they do right or wrong in a Chinese environment.China Start was full of practice and challenge. That will ultimately lead to the implementation of deals!"

"You really do get the sense that this is not just a one-week program, it's a start of a long relationship."

Mahloko Boitumelo Nkosi

       Group CEO, OMEGAH

South Africa

Evgeny Kosolapov

Chinese Market Representative, Skolkovo Innovation Centre (Sk)


Altesh Baijoo

Co-Founder & CMO, RainFin

South Africa


The 1st - 3rd China Start Cohort

"I think it’s a best way for young companies to have a first touch with China and its market. Bo’s lecture is the strongest point in the whole program."

"Being a part of China Start is a change event for our company. Now we understand a better culture of China, how to make business in China. We understand better of the market, how to network with China.."

"We are raising our business in Shenzhen, so it's being a fantastic opportunity to network and connect with other entrepreneurs who are exploring the system."

Maciej BalseWicz


CEO, bValue VC


Matthis Zeller


Head of Strategy and Communication, Aelectra


Francisco Serra-Martins

CEO, Sonder Design


"Thank you for inviting me to this program. It exceeded my expectations. I re-adjusted my thinking about China. Prof. Ji managed this program very well and we are looking forward to working with CKGSB in the futures."

"Changed my life; Business-wise and personally. Now I need to learn Chinese! 100% satisfaction, truly a great program."

“If you want to do business in China, attend China Start first. The CKGSB team have extraordinary access to the most powerful and influential leaders in China. The event was demanding, but packed with learning and commercial opportunities.”

Rudi Kruger

CEO, iNDEXInnovation


Aki Soudunsaari

CEO, Naturvention


Tony Craddock

Director General, Emerging Payments Association,


"The China Start program gives the opportunity to meet with all Chinese biggest technology firms. This is very organised and an easy way where exchange with Chinese company, Chinese investors, to network with companies from all over the world."

"I'm actually second time here, I like the program, I think it's much efficient. I think the best part is to build a network in China, get to know a lot of people."

"The program was an incredible success. I learn more about china than I thought was impossible. I learned about myself, and I learned how to properly position myself and my company for the China market. "

Mathieu Caudal

VP Growth, uni GmbH


Kaius Meakanen

CEO, Choicely


Marc Wolenik




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